Will my sunglasses fit? Here's how to measure.

Will my sunglasses fit? Here's how to measure.

Feeling uncertain and not sure if our sunglasses case has the right size?

Here are a few tips before you impulsively check-out your cart.

Our sunglasses case is suitable for sunglasses (of course) and also reading glasses. The overall body of your glasses should not be cursive like those of a sports glasses. It is generally suitable for the staple shades you find in the stores, with the standard size frames and temples.

Got your glasses ready? Let's measure.

1. First, measure the overall width of your shades. It should be no larger than 15cm.

2. Next, measure the height. Make sure it's within 5.5cm.

3. Finally, check the depth of the shades when it's folded. If it's under 3cm, you're good to go!

Recommended sunglasses or reading glass size:
No larger than 15cm x 5.5cm x 3cm